Waffle with Smooth Raspberry Sauce and Strawberry Frozen Yogurt

Waffle with Smooth Raspberry Sauce and Strawberry Frozen Yogurt
If you have any relatives or friends with kids then you can easily realize that the new parenting style is much more different than the one you grown up with. Kids are the object of everyone’s attention anytime and their parents never let you focus on any other subject but their abilities, intelligence, self learned computer skills, accomplishments, artistry and so on. I am afraid the world is not enough to satisfy the urges of that many genius people in twenty years time. For some reason most of the parents are treating their child as a messiah sent to save the humanity which entitles the kid to do anything he/she likes. Hope that they know something I do not know. Read the rest of this entry »

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Hummus with Harissa Sauce


Hummus with Harissa Sauce

It was a perfect weekend with the sun up in the sky as if the weather makes us, people in İstanbul, a favor to amend the recent cloudy days. No need to say we took advantage of the sunshine and allow ourselves to get the utmost enjoyment out of it by crossing over to the European side to walk around the ancient part of the city. However, we may never have known that everyone was planning the same. Let alone the heavy traffic on the road, there was even congestion on pedestrian sidewalks. I can still hear in my mind the old lady muttering “My good lord! Is there any blessed mortal staying at his home today?” Read the rest of this entry »



Red Pepper Stuffed with Bulgur and Mung Beans

Red Pepper Stuffed with Bulgur and Mung Beans

As the autumn made its presence felt by all of us, the harlequin summer spirit is leaving its sacred place to “autumn blues” which reduces our vitality. Medical specialists call it as Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD – the most self-explanatory abbreviation I have come across up to now-) and it is mainly caused by a problem in certain brain chemicals and hormones associated with descending exposure to daylight. If your mood is low for most of the day, you sleep more than usual and crave carbohydrates and sweets that means you are probably having winter blues (or let say mildly SAD in medical terms). After devouring a large box full of chocolate covered delights in a few days (in general I am not really fond of it) and start falling asleep every night before ten o’clock (normally I sleep barely 6 hours a night) I should admit being on the verge of SAD especially. Read the rest of this entry »

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