Hazelnut Peach Torte

Hazelnut Peach Torte

During my absence in online world early September, I paid a visit to another city, the city of nuts (please do not get me wrong, literally I went to city of nuts, particularly hazelnuts). The name of the city is Ordu and it is located at the north shore of Turkey. Being situated at the north provided the place with a mild climate and inevitable rainy days during the whole year, including summer time. It is no difficult job for you to guess which plant gets a kick out of this extremely humid weather? Hazelnut trees for sure. Read the rest of this entry »



Asparagus Frittata

Asparagus Frittata

Another hectic week is over and please forgive me for not making a new post due to lack of energy and motivation since the last one. I can honestly blame it all to the complicated situations taking place in the office environment and it is really difficult to keep your head up when one of your best friends at work is leaving for good. Is it enough? Of course not. Once the door of misfortune is opened, bad things will come after another like drizzling rain drops out of clear sky. Guess, where is the shelter? Did you say “Kitchen”? Absolutely right! Despite the fact that I could not write a new post, I was still working on new recipes and trying different combinations to share with you in the coming days.

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Caramelized Apple in Balsamic Glaze

Caramelized Apple in Balsamic Glaze

Men and women, who came from which planet? Are they all belong to different worlds or they do have most of the things in common? What does one say, what does the other understand is a matter almost old as the existence of human. One of my closest friends who has an on and off relationship with lots of difficulties but with a deep affection announced that everything was back on the track and they resolved their long running issues. I am so glad to see my friend’s face smiling again after a long period of sadness and despair. Now they are ready to continue to enjoy the fruit of Eden, namely apple, together again.

Brown sugar and apple

The apple tree was said to be the earliest tree cultivated and it was there even in the story of Adam and Eve becoming a symbol of temptation and the fall of man into sin. According to most of the references apple is the sin itself. It is also the sign for knowledge, remember the Newton who is believed to find the rule of gravity thanks to an apple falling down from a tree on his head.

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