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Schloss Nymphenburg

The fever of New Year is cooling down as we get used to write the dates ending with 2010 on our agendas. Now that it is just a year we are in and will get old in blink of an eye. Before the a lot spoken New Year cookies, I was telling you about Munich and promised to mention details of pleasant stops in the city afterwards. So get ready…

Chinese Tower

As a sightseeing spot you may consider visiting English Garden even if it snows.


During the time of our visit there were stalls around the Chinese Tower where you can find different Bavarian street snacks like Auszogne, the equivalent of doughnut without a typical ring shape and Weisswurst, white sausage made from minced veal and pork bacon flavored with cardamom, ginger, parsley and onions. This sausage is generally eaten before noon. Since there were no refrigerators in early times and the daily produced sausage was not smoked, it was going bad before night time. So some Bavarians still follow the rule that Weisswurst should be eaten before you hear the church bells ringing. As for me, its taste was nice but even if I lived in the past I might prefer something else to eat without this Cinderella rush.

Fünf Höfe

If you are an inexhaustible shopper, city promises you a lot. Elegant mall, Fünf Höfe, designed by Herzog&de Meuron will definitely be caught on your radar with its stylish looks. Maximilian Street may also be another address to visit for high-end fashion followers. Keep in mind that Munich is one of the richest cities in terms of income per individual, this information might be helpful to make sense of the price tags you come across.

Fünf Höfe

As far as I am concerned, shopping must also entail food and Munich gave me what I was looking for, Viktualienmarkt. It is a daily food market with around 150 stalls offering exotic fruits, different cheeses, various fresh vegetables, herbs, poultry, fish, and so on. The quality and exclusiveness of the products sold make this place a gourmet destination of the city.

Fresh Cheese in Viktualienmarkt

I lost myself in a cheese shop where they sell numerous varieties like a French beauty; Comté cheese. I would be more than happy if it was possible to take one of those huge cheese wheels back home but I had to content with a few big slice of my favorites. Better than not having any I guess.


Since Munich is situated very close to Italy it is also possible to find insanely delicious Italian olives of different types brined with herbs at Viktualienmarkt. No need to mention the top quality fruits coming from all over the world. Just looking at the pictures is enough to slaver.


If you can help yourself not spending your every penny at Viktualienmarkt get ready to spend the rest at Dallmayr, a luxury delicatessen food store in Munich.


The store was first established in 17th century and in early 1900 it became the preference of royal families in Europe with its outstanding products and innovative recipes. Personally I would love to stay in there for weeks and taste their more than 6000 products one by one. I felt like the Hansel in the Hansel & Gratel who found the candy house and went crazy to eat all of it up.

King Prawns in Dallmayr

The store is divided into a number of sub sections like confectionery, specialty coffee beans, chocolate desserts, wines and spirits, luxury snacks decorated with caviar and crab, fresh olive oil, etc. This fabulous place is as reputable as the Fauchon in Paris with its 2,5 million visitors every year. This is the difficult part I have to admit, it was so crowded and packed that you have to be determined and patient to reach the stuff you want to have. Dallmayr has also a luxury brand of coffee started after the big depression in 1930 to protect itself from financial downturn. They even cooperate with BMW to expand through vending machines.


Another well thought detail of the Munich’s food scenery was an upscale restaurant, Lenbach, decorated with subtle details of seven sins concept which are envy, greed, lust, sloth, wrath, vanity and gluttony. Particularly “vanity” was the most impressive one to be symbolized with an illuminated catwalk situated in the middle of the restaurant so while you are coming in or going out everyone can see you as if you were a star.

Parfait in Lenbach

If you are lucky enough you may bump into real stars like Nicole Kidman, Hugh Grant or Mick Jagger but I was unable to see any celebrities that night to gossip about them here. Unlucky me… However, absence of celebrities in the restaurant did not prevent us from getting a kick out of the food. I can still recall the taste of cream of chestnut soup and tender chateaubriand coming after the delicate appetizer embracing a piece of white truffle. As for the desert, I had parfait of maple syrup with fig beignets.

As we were on our way back to Istanbul, I knew that we would definitely visit Munich again, but for sure next trip would happen in summertime!

  1. #1 by zarpandit - January 18th, 2010 at 11:08

    8. fotoğraf benim fotoğrafım olmalı! dalmayı bekleyen meyve denizi:)

  2. #2 by Ozhan - February 3rd, 2010 at 09:12

    Zarpandit, bir de tatlarına bakabilmeni isterdim gerçekten, hepsi inanılmaz taze ve lezzetlilerdi. Buz gibi havaya rağmen ayrılamadım standların önünden :)

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