Alaçatı, a weekend escapade…

Sun is up in the sky and it’s almost two o’clock in the afternoon. We are at Alacati, a small Aegean town which became one of the most popular touristic destinations in Turkey lately. Weather is so humid that I feel like my hand is glued on the handle of our heavy luggage I am pulling on the cobblestone streets for some time. I am a way too bad at keeping the details of any direction told me over the phone. At first I feel like everything is crystal clear in my mind and then realize with despair that I am walking through the same point again to complete my first full circle. It is quite difficult for me to call the person to whom I already talked over the phone twice and told ”Oh, now I got it. Yes, it’s quite easy!” at my last call.

This time I was determined not to call for the third time even if we were going to melt slowly like a scoop of ice cream fell on the pavement (Is this just me or all men are the same when it comes to asking for help to find the way?). Anyhow, that was our lucky day I guess, since I suddenly distinguished the light blue door on which there was the name we were looking for. The door was opening to a small well-cared garden and our land lord was there, sitting under the bower and waving his hand to salute us.

He and his elegant wife were so nice and attentive that I forgot the tiredness of the flight ruined by a 6 year old sitting behind me and keeping on counting up to 100 loudly for almost an hour (do I need to mention that his mother was encouraging him to keep on counting even if the cabin crew warned for five times. This is the new way of bringing up children with ”full of encouragement” to build up their so called self confidence at the expense of making others’ life miserable).

After resting for a few hours and chatting with our polite hosts we were ready to step out for lovely Alacati streets embellished with characteristic stone houses on both sides. This place is really charming, everything looks so peaceful and elaborate that you would love to stay there for good.

During daytime, best thing to do is to hang around beaches in the vicinity since Alacati center has no shore to sea. When the sun goes down, crowd migrates from beaches to vibrant Alacati streets. There are many small designer boutiques brimmed with lots of nice stuff. I wish I could say the same for prices but even then strolling around makes you feel delighted.

When it comes to eating, Alacati has also a lot to offer. Most of the restaurants serve quality Mediterranean food at their open air facilities with a pleasant setting composed of candles, wrought iron chairs, fresh flowers, well matched table cloths and accessories. When that much attention to decoration paired with delectable dishes, resultant experience is just memorable. Particularly the appetizers prepared with olive oil are distinguished among other dishes in Turkish cuisine. As an example stuffed zucchini blossom is one of my personal favorites here to die for.

I shouldn’t miss to say something about breakfasts offered in most of the boutique hotels. Breakfasts are just spectacular thanks to fresh tomatoes with real tomato smell and crunchy little cucumbers those you cannot stop eating with a splash of good olive oil. Home made jams, especially the one with little green figs is out of this world.

Fresh herbs are another story in Alacati, you may find several types of thyme in the Saturday market along with the freshest vegetables, fruits, and live plants. We lost ourselves in front of a stall selling live plants and bought two different thymes and a marjoram in flowerpots. We must be completely out of our minds that started to bargain for a lemon tree without considering the fact that we would be returning to Istanbul by plane. The smart question coming from the seller asking how we were planning to carry the lemon tree, makes us realize the absurdity of the situation.

After all, Alacati is a kind of place that you go and never want to come back. You fell in love at first sight and want to keep it just for yourself with a sort of greed. However, you are not the only one to think in that way and this small town is crowded like hell starting from the second half of June to early September. If you are anywhere around, now is the perfect time to pay a visit. Even a long weekend in Alacati may help erase the autumn gloom you might have had.

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  1. #1 by Duygu - December 26th, 2011 at 08:44

    ahh ahhh nasıl gidesim oralarda yaşayasım var. hele şu fotoları görüp de bunları aklından geçirmeyen kaç kişi vardır ki??? fanlarının başındayım..

  2. #2 by Ozhan - January 14th, 2012 at 16:13

    Cok teşekkürler Duygucum, benim de aklım hep oralarda, sorma gitsin.

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