Fine Dining in Paris

Eggplant Confit with Cumin

We were on Bugeaud Avenue, tyring to walk as fast as we could with hungry stomachs that made us daydream about our momentous rendezvous arranged weeks before. Needed to take longer steps for not being late. But…Oh my… where was the building with number 16? Were we on the wrong way? Might there be another Bugeaud Avenue on 16th arrondissement? Kept on walking… and yes…Finally, I could read the word “La Table” written on the black sunshade and saw the golden colored wrought iron door. We were so close.

This is one of the two restaurants of the world class French celebrity chef, Joël Robuchon, who had a worldwide record for gaining 26 Michelin stars in total. Read the rest of this entry »

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